Posted: Oct 20 2013
by: Amy Ballenger

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Healthy Obsessions: Gold Jewelry

We're starting a new weekly post here on the blog called Healthy Obsessions. We'll talk about what we're currently obsessed over and how to get your hands on some of our favorites! After all, who doesn't have a healthy obsession? So what if we have a new one every week :)

This week's Healthy Obsession? Gold Jewelry! We can't get enough of it! If you're like us and on a budget, we suggest foregoing the real stuff and stick with the gold-plated and the "Oh my gosh, is this not real gold?!" fake beauties.

If you're not accustomed to wearing gold, it's easy to make the transition. You certainly don't have to go full-on gold to make this work, you can easily add gold pieces to your current jewelry. Who says gold can't mingle with silver or waltz with turquoise? Make it a party and invite all your favorite pieces! 

Take a peek at some of our favorites below. We've added some a little out of our budget as well, but a girl can dream!


Our very own Blingy Bangles in gold and white $24


Our oh-so-sweet and delicate Falling Gold Leaflets necklace $24


Statement necklace from Kate Spade $228


Michael Kors, Runway Twist watch $225


Giles & Brother, Railroad Spike Link bracelet $225


So what do you think? Are you obsessed yet? Tell us in the comments below!


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