Posted: Aug 01 2013
by: Christina DeCamp

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And the color of the year is....EMERALD! | Raleigh Fashion Boutique


Earlier this year Pantone announced the color of the year for 2013 and we were excited to hear it was Emerald (Emerald 17-5641 to be exact)! It‘s that bright, deep, rich tone that’s not just green but Emerald. It has a sort of elegance to it, while still being fun and vibrant. We’re a little obsessed to be honest. It’s a color that compliments most skin tones and always guarantees that whimsy we always seek. Yay for Emerald!
And to get you as inspired as we are about this exciting color, here are a few of our favorite looks. What do you think? Are you obsessed yet?
Check out our pinterest board with all of our favorite Emerald looks in clothing, interiors, and makeup:
~Amy of Fedora of Wilmington


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